Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have, in the past, sat and cranked journals for days straight, every night after work, and for my entire days off. But it’s been a awhile since I’ve done any focused, non-stop binding…and today marks the end of my first full week back “in the saddle” as it were.  My fingers, from pulling, tearing, waxing and stitching of heavy thread, paper and leather feel a bit like shredded cheddar.
I’m not complaining; I set myself this goal, and I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. There were a few times this week where I asked myself “What the hell was I thinking??”  (He grins.)
But as I look at the first batch of books, I am reminded how much I love making them, and can imagine how amazingly cool it will be when, someday, I am sitting in a booth at the Bellevue Arts Fair, and having folks “Oooh” and “Ahhh” over  them.
It is important, I think, in achieving our goals, to constantly remind ourselves of why we are striving in the first place, and to keep the mental image of what victory will feel like.  I guess one could call it “positive thinking”, but it is more than that…one can be positive without a plan, without forward action, without a target in sight.
Another important part of achieving goals is a willingness to keep striving, no matter what. The ‘Power Book” series, (of which I have so far done 3), are dedicated to what I feel is the greatest of Human virtues, Persistence. Persistence and determination, I believe, are quintessential in achieving our aims. (in this case going from the table to the Bellevue Arts Fair.)
So yeah, there were times this week when I wanted to say “Oh, screw THIS.”, but I wouldn’t allow myself, and now that the first week is done, I’m kind of proud of myself. (Cue: Swollen Head).
 So I will keep going, keep striving, facing each obstacle as it comes, and by God, I will do this. (Now if I would just grow some darn calluses….)

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  1. looks good, Congratulations on staying motivated.